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December 18, 2012



by Harits Masduqi

Students learning English as a foreign language are often confronted with the challenge of learning and using English effectively. Some fortunate students seem to cope with the difficulties of language learning with great success and little effort, while for others the task is neither an enjoyable nor a successful one. What is it that makes learning a new language so easy for some and so difficult for others? One reason is that each student has his/her own preferred way of learning that is determined by his/her cultural and educational background and personality (Shoebottom, 2007).

In this assignment I would like to describe and evaluate differences in learners’ responses and consider ways in which the quality of their learning can be improved. The learners described are pre-intermediate students who volunteered to join English lessons at IALF Bali. Their ages varied from 30’s to 50’s. The lesson described is aimed to help the students understand and use the 2nd Conditional in the context of life survival.

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